Location: Chojamachi

Location: Science Museum

Location: Sakae (Game 31-32)

Location: Okazaki

Artistic statement

The Museum of Minor Incidents highlights small incidents that can happen to us everywhere - as individuals, as families, friends, or companies. They interrupt our individual feeling of control and form our collective memories. They make us change our behaviour: We come to terms with this mysterious thing that one might call fate.

In a set of site-specific audio-games we show a mosaic of small dramas, of hope, surprise and relief arising from unconnected, hyperlocal events. Take part and experiment with the uncontrollable on a small scale!

All playable exhibits are based on facts and fictions of people who live and work in Nagoya and Okazaki.

Backbones of our research are more than 60 interviews we conducted in spring 2013, and a precise survey of people’s environment and their unique physical, architectural and social conditions. Put together within the framework of game mechanics from local children’s games over arcade games, from physical games to role-playing, we create playable experiences for real people in real places.

In a worldwide unique approach we bridge facts and fictions, highlight the extraordinary in the common and the common in the extraordinary, shift people’s focus and reframe reality. Our games do not explain or elucidate systems and structures, but invite our players to experience and influence them first hand on large and small scale. Played on-site they provide new ways of behaviour in public space.